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Mission Statement

The Hamden Regional Youth Basketball League is a non-profit organization created to enable boys and girls in the region to participate in competitive basketball. The primary focus of the league is to promote fair play,  sportsmanship, and increase the skill level of the children who participate in the program.



The Hamden Regional Youth Basketball League has two primary objectives. First, we offer an opportunity for boys and girls to compete in the sport of basketball at a higher level than typical recreation play. We do this by recruiting excellent instructors and coaches as well as developing programs directed at motivating participants to reach their maximum potential. Second, we strive for the development of positive learning and character traits for all the participants in our program. We accomplish this by carefully monitoring the behavior of the kids both on and off the basketball court. More important than teaching the skills of basketball is the development of positive character traits and self-discipline. Within these qualities the potential of our players is unlimited.

All players regardless of race, creed, color or income status have a place within our organization. We offer the instruction, but the cooperation of the parents, coaches, spectators and participants are the essential ingredients for keeping the league successful.

"Remember, It’s For The Kids"

HRYBL - PO Box 185823 - Hamden, CT 06518